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Latinas Persevering in the Age of Trump: A New Jersey Perspective

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

In the midst of recent attacks on immigrant dignity, over a dozen panelists gathered to assess the challenges facing Latina women in New Jersey. The second annual roundtable was sponsored by the Community Affairs Resource Center of Monmouth County [CARC] and the Latino Action Network Foundation [LAN-F] on June 22, 2018. The panelists consisted of professionals and clients of the Latino community-based non-profits that administer New Jersey’s three Hispanic Women’s Resource Centers. The Centers are run by CARC, Asbury Park, La Casa de Don Pedro, Newark, and the Hispanic Family Center of Southern New Jersey, Camden. They provide job training and employment guidance for Latinas, many of whom seek to break the cycle of domestic violence by attaining financial independence. Program administrators and clients from all the agencies participated in the Roundtable discussions aimed at proposing a policy agenda for Latinas with a particular focus on New Jersey.

Women's Resource Centers Roundtable Report -- Final Draft -- 0908 2018
Download PDF • 573KB

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