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Position Statement on Haitian Migrant Mistreatment

"We stand in solidarity with the Haitian migrants and disavow the unjust and dehumanizing actions that have been taken by the U.S. government in response to Haitian migration. No human deserves to be treated as the U.S. border patrol has been treating Haitian migrants."

RL Haitian Abuses 9.30.21
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FOR IMMIDIATE RELEASE: 9/30/21 Contact: Cuqui Rivera, Policy & Programs Manager, Cuqui@LANFoundation.Org (732) 339-2334 During the past few weeks, we have seen shocking photos of inhumane expulsions of Haitian migrants at U.S. borders. Haitian migrants have been arriving at the U.S. borders seeking asylum. Seeking safety has been especially pertinent in recent months, especially after the July 2021 assassination of the Haitian president and after the country has faced a severe earthquake and natural disasters that have left thousands of Haitians dead.

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