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LGBTQ+ Rights

At the foundation we say gay, we say trans, we say lesbian, we say bisexual, and we say queer. We actively reject all forms of homophobia and transphobia. 


Marriage Equality in NJ: A Latina/o/x Perspective

Dozens of municipalities have not adopted LGBTQIA+ inclusive language; six violate state law. Read more below. 

Please view the collected data for this report in the below PDF.

Challenging Raceless Latinidad & Embracing the Term Latinx in Social Work Practice

by Dr. Jesselly De La Cruz

Our Executive Director was featured in the NASW Focus Magazine (Sept 2021). Her article is on the intersections of the Latinx experience

"Embracing the term Latinx can empower youth that are disproportionately and deeply affected by discrimination, racism, and oppression based on their ethnic and sexual identities."


The LAN Foundation looks to support youth leaders from Latinx communities across the state. We especially push for LGBTQIA+ youth to feel safe and seen within their communities.


In collaboration with LOGRO, we worked to challenged the Passaic Board of Education's decision to deny LGBTQIA+ youth the right to raise their flag.


Passaic's first Pride Festival was held on June 11th, 2022. This was a celebration of LGBTQIA+ life, love, and expression.

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