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Educational Equity

Despite New Jersey's ethnic and racial diversity, it ranks as the 6th most segregated state in the nation for black students and 7th for Latino students.


After stumbling upon the NJ school statistics and trends provided by Rutger's The Inclusion Project, on May 17, 2018 (the 64th anniversary of the landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision Brown v. Board of Education), a coalition of civil rights groups and students filed a lawsuit to force the State of New Jersey to take steps to end segregation.


The lawsuit is known as Latino Action Network, et al. v. State of New Jersey. Latino Action Network calls on the court to take a series of initial steps to address segregation and claims that segregation by race and poverty in the state’s public schools and charter schools violates New Jersey’s constitution.

With the support of the Fund for NJ, the Latino Action Network Foundation along with the Salvation and Social Justice (SandSJ) partner together on program planning, outreach, and organizing of program activities to collectively address the integration needs of the African American and Latino communities through co-joint grassroots organizing efforts. The partnership will expand the network of outreach and ensure that outreach efforts are tailored to each community’s cultural and language needs.

Sign our Petition for Educational Equity

Our Educational Policy Goals include:

1. To work to ensure that Latino children are provided equal educational opportunity in New Jersey as required under the NJ and US Constitutions. LANF works to guarantee Latino children have equal access to all programs, services, or resources, available to any other child.

2. To support greater parental involvement and empowerment by parents in the education system. Informed parents guiding and shaping educational policy is a foundation for creating good students and citizens. LANF will focus on opportunities for parents to learn how to support their children in school, participate in the educational process. Programs will be developed to tech parents how various boards of education are structured, to understand the impacts the BoE have on their children’s quality of education, and how to properly petition the BoE for better policies.


nj Latinx + BIPOC
youth for
justice organizing

The LAN Foundation is looking for youth organizing leaders between the ages of 14-24!


We are going to provide all leaders with the tools and resources that they will need at hand to be able to properly run a youth led movement.

Our target youth leaders include high school, college students, students in the trades & out-of-school youth. We welcome all Latinx youth interested in being part of a social justice movement.

If you are interested in learning, growing and improving yourself and the community, please contact  Valeria Posso @ or submit an application by clicking on the button below. 


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