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2023 White Paper on Clean Energy

Latino, Black, and Brown Voices Speak on NJ’s Clean Energy Programs and Initiatives

In a world increasingly focused on climate change, the Latino Action Network Foundation (LANF) introduces its 2023 White Paper on Clean Energy. This report amplifies the voices of Latino, Black, and Brown communities in New Jersey's clean energy landscape.

The report underlines the pressing need for climate justice and spotlights LANF's successful recruitment campaign in the clean energy sector. It also highlights the challenges faced by underrepresented groups as they seek employment in this industry.

Through virtual forums, community members shared their experiences, insights, and concerns. These discussions led to three crucial policy recommendations: enhanced community education and outreach, increased opportunities in clean energy and workforce development, and a commitment to restorative justice in addressing environmental inequalities.

2023 White Paper on Clean Energy
Download PDF • 1.47MB

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