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The Latinx Experience in Schools: A Policy and Action Agenda

The Latino Action Network Foundation (LANF) and the New Jersey Consortium for Immigrant Children (NJCIC) have collaborated to release a groundbreaking report titled "The Latinx Experience in Schools: A Policy and Action Agenda." This report is the culmination of a vital education roundtable held on January 14, 2023, bringing together diverse stakeholders, from students and teachers to educational leaders and advocates, all with a shared commitment to addressing the deep educational inequities faced by Latinx students in New Jersey.

The Latinx Experience in Schools
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The report outlines key policy recommendations and actionable steps derived from extensive discussions, emphasizing the urgent need for change in the state's educational system. Among the critical issues explored are the persistence of de facto segregation, lack of language accommodations for English Learners, communication gaps with parents, and inadequate mental health services. LANF's unwavering pursuit of unanimous support for these recommendations underscores their commitment to ensuring that all Latinx students receive equitable access to quality education in New Jersey.

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