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Marriage Equality in NJ: A Latina/o/x Perspective

Updated: Jul 27, 2022


Dozens of municipalities have not adopted LGBTQIA+-inclusive language; six violate state law


Earlier this year, Fairview resident, Virginia Orozco, began researching marriage license requirements in preparation for her marriage. What Virginia did not expect was for the Fairview website to state that, "for two persons to establish a Marriage in this State, it shall be necessary" for them to be "of the opposite sex".

Virginia's story led Latino Action Network Foundation leaders to wonder how many other municipalities in New Jersey were failing to meet their responsibility to transmit unbiased information about obtaining marriage licenses. This resulted in the following report.

Marriage Equality Report - LANF
Download PDF • 956KB

Please view the collected data for this report in the below PDF.

Marriage License Data Spreadsheet- LANF
Download PDF • 473KB

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