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Affordable Housing: A National Crisis Fueled by the Coronavirus

A New Jersey Perspective


Many working poor families, particularly in communities of color, spend more than 50 percent of their earnings on housing.


The Latino Action Network Foundation [LANF], its sister organization the Latino Action Network [LAN], and longtime ally, the Fair Share Housing Center [FSHC], have collaboratively monitored affordable housing issues in New Jersey for more than a decade. As part of its ongoing work, LANF sponsored a housing roundtable on September 10, 2021, to assess the affordable housing situation in the state and offer policy recommendations. The following policy report identifies a series of measures to address the growing affordable housing crisis. It sets forth a series of policy recommendations that our organizations pledge to support. It was crafted with ongoing input from over a dozen panelists that discussed and debated the recommendations contained herein. Participants were asked to consider what policy objectives could be achieved in the next few years. The policy recommendations outlined in this report were reached by consensus. Any policy objective not receiving unanimous support was omitted.

LANF Housing Roundtable Report --- 0726 2022
Download PDF • 3.01MB

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